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Suckers Politics

SOCIALISM IN NATURE - Doesn't Work Here Either.

FLUSH WASHINGTON IN NOVEMBER - Get involved and plug-in to your govermnent

WHEN THEY SAY "STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE.." - This is what they mean...Imperialist fascism.

YOU'VE BEEN PLAYED - Face it guys, the gun makers played you like a two-dollar banjo.

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Renza - April 4, 2013, 7:29 am
Hopefully quite a good one, cause someone's clearly doing an awesome job getting them business.
Rudedog - April 3, 2013, 10:03 pm
With Obama as their main constituent. What kind of kick back he must be receiving.

" TSA: TOY STEALERS OF AMERICA ” - TSA takes a plastic hammer away from a physician’s special needs child.

OVER 3,000 SPECIES OF MOSQUITOES - That's an awful amount of blood-suckers, and we haven't even gotten to the politicians yet!

OBAMACARE IS A STEP BACKWARDS - With death panels, and the need to reduce medicare/medicaid, why not bring back some good old-fashioned leeches for curing all our ills?

CORPORATE PROFITS - They are at a record breaking high and and so is unemployment. Your argument for supply side economics has been destroyed.